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perhaps some more nate gifs if u can?? ;v;


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Sarah - requested by mewmedic

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xthe walking dead game xSeason 2 xsarah xphotosets xrequest
Making gifs when
gooby pls im too young

Making gifs when

gooby pls im too young

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gf: Come over

Me: I can’t, Omid won’t jump off the bridge

gf: My parents aren’t home…

Me: image

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Submitted by: Anon


Submitted by: Anon

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izzybutt said:
I have lots of requests you can do, if you feel like them. :) I've been finding a lot of parallels, and some may be ones you've already done, in which case, skip 'em. I'll put each one in a different ask, so you can go through each one at your leisure. First one, "You're not coming with us"-Larry, alongside Lee's use of the same dialogue with Lilly.

Oh my. Thems a lot of parallels! You have good ideas; I’ll pick a couple of them to do :)

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So I bombed my finals anyway. Haha. Send me some shit to make so I can feel useful for once.

Requests that I first have to do:

1) Compilation of Sarah gifs

2) Comparison of Terminus to St. John’s Dairy (that’s how I took it? If I misunderstood let me know)

Again, it would be really cool if you guys request current stuff like Season 2 cause I want to keep my blog fresh and current ya know.

That’s all. Have a good holy week to all my Jesus-following-followers. Don’t eat meat. I see you with them bacons over there.

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Hmmm Achievement: Always the Quiet Ones - committed larcency -


The unauthorized taking and removal of the Personal Property of another by an individual who intends to permanently deprive the owner of it; a crime against the right of possession.


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xthe walking dead game


episode 3 achievements!!

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goddess-of-tomfoolery said:
The Fable comics are mega hella

Was about to get volume 1 today but none of the bookstores had it #lames

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